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Do you live in Marseille and plan to build a swimming pool? Whether it's for family relaxation or for professional reasons, it requires careful preparation. That's why it's important to engage the servicesofa pool builder in Marseille. However, there are a number of key stages to consider.

How to choose a swimming pool in Marseille

Building a swimming pool in your Marseille home is an important project thatyouneed to take the time to perfect. With so many options available,making the right choice isn't always easy. To achieve this, there are a number of criteria you need to take into account when planning your project.

Pool size and shape

These two parameters vary according to the space available in your home and the layout of your garden. This determines the dimensions of your construction. In fact, you need a minimum ofspaceto create the outline of your pond and install the technical room.

The type of terrain you have is also important. Whether it's flat, sloping, soft or rocky, this plays a vital roleinthe shape and type of pool to be installed.

The type of'use

Knowing how you want to use your pool is one of the most important aspects. If, for example, you want to swim laps,it would be wiser to build a long, wide pool. If your children are going to have access to the pool, you'll need to consider the depth. To do this, you can opt for a deep, flat bottom. This considerably reduces the risk of drowning.

The budget

It's essential to set up a project that's perfectly suited to your financial situation. Indeed, the price of construction varies according to the type of pool you want to install. These include wooden pools, above-ground pools, in-ground pools, shell pools and others. You're sure to find something to suit your budget. What's more, you'll need to take into account the cost of maintaining your installation.

What are the different pool construction techniques?

To make a success of your project, the Marseille pool builder follows a number of precise techniques.


This first stage generally consists of stretching the chalk lines, staking out and measuring diagonals and angles. It also defines the level of the pool, an essential reference point for the next stage.


It consists of delimiting the location and depth of the pool, as well as the paths leading to the equipment room. The technique and materials used vary according to the composition of the soil.   

Drainage and structure installation 

Drainage diverts water inflows that could exert pressure on the pool. Drainage is essential whenthesoil is clayey or sloping. In addition, there are several options available for the installation of the structure. You can opt for poured, shotcrete or reinforced concrete. You can also install embedded parts to promote water circulation, and add accessories such as lighting, broom sockets and others. 

Connections and cladding

These include the filtration system, pump, filter and others. These promote water treatment. As for the cladding, this is done for decorative purposes and to increase the watertightness of the structure.

General masonry

EPC Travaux carries out all your general masonry work, from small-scale masonry to structural work.

Facade renovation

EPC Travaux can help you with all aspects of your facade, adapting to your needs in terms of deadlines and budget.

Structural work

Are you planning to build, extend or raise the height of your property? Our skilled workers, specialized in structural work, will take your project in hand!


We support you from A to Z to renovate the interior or exterior of your home.

Finishing work

EPC Travaux works on a wide range of projects: electrical, plumbing, insulation, painting, heating...

Swimming pool

Planning to build a swimming pool? EPC Travaux is also a specialist in the construction of your swimming pool.

The company

Are you planning to build or renovate a property? Are you looking for a reliable company to carry out the work? Then you've come to the right place!

Established in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region since 2007, EPC Travaux is a general contracting company specializing in the construction of single-family homes, as well as home renovation and swimming pool construction. We operate throughout the Bouches-du-Rhône and neighboring departments: Var, Alpes-Maritimes, Gard, Alpes de Haute Provence, etc.

Thanks to our young, dynamic team, we're committed to providing you with the best solutions, and we follow through every project step by step. Our company takes pride in the quality of its work and customer satisfaction.

Our services are aimed at individuals, professionals and investors who wish to benefit from professional expertise.

The cost of building a swimming pool in Marseille generally varies according to the type of pool. There are many differenttypes, and the price depends on the specific features of each one.

The budget also takes into account its dimensions, construction materials and ancillary equipment. These include ladders, roller shutters, heating and lighting systems. You should also include in your budget the cost of annualmaintenance. This includes filtering and cleaning the water with specific products.

Theneedfor planning permission depends on the size of the pool you wish to install. This is negligible if your pool is less than or equal to 20 m². Above this size, you are required to submit a buildingpermitor declaration of works to the town hall. The application is accepted if your construction meets safety standards.

The first step is to find the right builder for you. Don't hesitate to contact us for a quote at the best price. You'll then receive the support you need to get your project up and running. Finally, you'll need to submit your building declaration or permit before work can begin. This can traditionally take up to 2 months.

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