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Building a house is always an important step in anyone's life. And to bring such a project to fruition in the Var, it's important to follow certain essential steps. In addition, a number of administrative formalities must be completed. Before building a house in the Var, you need to be aware of the rules governing the construction of a home in the Var. What are the essential steps to take? What are the essential steps? Here's what you need to know before building a home in the Var.

How do I build a house in the Var?

To build in the Var, it's essential to follow certain steps to ensure your project is a success. The first step is to choose a plot of land. Next, you'll need to draw up a plan for the house to be built, then establish a budget. Once you've set the budget, you'll need to take the necessary administrative steps to obtain the building permit. Once you have the building permit, you can call on a builder in the Var. The builder will take charge of the entire project.

Where to build in the Var?

The Var is a high-potential département that attracts many investors. With its booming economy, this tourist region offers a wide range of attractive real estate opportunities. If you'd like to build a house and live here, there are several towns recommended for such a project.

Take Toulon, the third largest city in the PACA region. As the department's economic capital, Toulon offers attractive prices for house-building. La-Seyne-sur-Mer is also an important choice for building and living in the Var.

In addition to these two cities, you have :

    • Fréjus ;

    • Hyeres ;

    • Brignole ;

    • La Garde ;

    • La Valette-du-Var ;

    • Six-Fours-les-Plages

Steps involved in building in the Var

The most important thing to do before building in the Var is to take certain administrative steps. The first step is to obtain a certificat d'urbanisme (planning certificate). This comes in two forms: the certificat d'urbanisme opérationnel and the certificat d'urbanisme d'information.

Once you've obtained this certificate, take the necessary steps to obtain your building permit. Certain documents are required for this, including the Cerfa n° 13406*1 form. You can ask the architect in charge of your project, or your professional builder, to help you obtain it.

You must thenpost iton the building site and declare the opening of the site. The site declaration can be made online via the teleservice. Alternatively, you can go to the town hall. To do this, you'll need to print out three copies of the Cerfa n° 13407*02 form.

General masonry

EPC Travaux carries out all your general masonry work, from small-scale masonry to structural work.

Facade renovation

EPC Travaux can help you with all aspects of your facade, adapting to your needs in terms of deadlines and budget.

Structural work

Are you planning to build, extend or raise the height of your property? Our skilled workers, specialized in structural work, will take your project in hand!


We support you from A to Z to renovate the interior or exterior of your home.

Finishing work

EPC Travaux works on a wide range of projects: electrical, plumbing, insulation, painting, heating...

Swimming pool

Planning to build a swimming pool? EPC Travaux is also a specialist in the construction of your swimming pool.

The company

Are you planning to build or renovate a property? Are you looking for a reliable company to carry out the work? Then you've come to the right place!

Established in the Bouches-du-Rhône region since 2007, EPC Travaux is a company specializing in the construction of single-family homes, as well as the renovation of houses and apartments. We work throughout the Bouches-du-Rhône and neighboring departments: Var, Alpes-Maritimes, Gard, Alpes de Haute Provence, etc.

Thanks to our young, dynamic team, we're committed to providing you with the best solutions, and we follow through every project step by step. Our company takes pride in the quality of its work and customer satisfaction.

Our services are aimed at individuals, professionals and investors who wish to benefit from professional expertise.

You can buy land in the Var directly online. A quick and easy solution, the choice of the ideal plot of land online can be made according to several criteria: the condition of the land (old, new, life annuity, prestige properties), the geographical location and the budget.

But before considering these different criteria for choosing online land, it's best to make sure that the platform is well-known and secure. That way, you limit the risk of scams. If you're worried about online scams, you can go directly to a real estate agency in the Var to buy your land. The average price for a square meter of land in the Var is €298.

A building permit is an urban planning authorization issued by the town hall. It is required for new constructions of over 20 m², even without foundations. Planning permission is also required for certain extensions to existing buildings.

However, some work does not necessarily require planning permission. In such cases, we recommend that you declare the work. You can take the necessary steps yourself to obtain a building permit. On the other hand, the process may take some time.

To overcome this problem, entrust the task to your architect. You can also ask the professional in charge of your site to obtain the building permit. Another solution for obtaining planning permission for your home in the Var region is to contacta planning permission specialist.

These agencies specialize in the field and make it easy to obtain planning permission. The last option for obtaining your building permit is to apply online via an authorized platform. It's important to note that the building permit you need for your construction project must comply with the regulations in force in the Var.

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