Building in Vitrolles

Would you like to build your first home or your second home in Vitrolles? Whatever type of project you have in mind, it's a major investment that requires careful preparation. This stage requires knowledge of the various phases and rules involved in building a home in this city.

Important steps for building a home in Vitrolles

Building a house is a major project. The work must be entrusted to a construction company. The company is in charge of all the administrative formalities, as well as providing craftsmen to carry out the project.

What steps need to be taken to build a house in Vitrolles?

To ensure the success of your Vitrolles home-building project, there are a few essential steps to follow:

  • Buying a building plot: If you haven't already done so, the first step in the building process is to acquire a plot of land and prepare it for the house. Note that the type of project to be carried out depends largely on the location, surface area and shape of the plot. So it's important to choose the right one.
  • Feasibility study: No work should begin without a feasibility study. This involves determining whether the project is feasible on the land and according to the PLU or Plan Local d'Urbanisme. This phase also involves defining the budget required to carry out the project, as well as a reliable and solid financing plan.
  • Drawing up the construction plan: Your building project begins to take shape at this stage. It's time to put your ideas on paper. It's time to draw up the construction plan. You can do this yourself, if you feel up to it. However, it's advisable to call in an architect to do it properly.
  • Applying for planning permission: If you've drawn up the construction plan, you'll need to do this yourself. Otherwise, the architect or project manager can submit the building permit application to the Vitrolles town planning department.

Construction can begin after receipt of the building permit and observance of a 2-month period for third-party appeals.

How do I apply for a building permit in Vitrolles?

A building permit is an official document that serves as authorization to launch a house-building project. It is required for all constructions in protected areas or measuring less than 20 m². To be able to build a house, it's important to know where and how to apply for this authorization.


In Vitrolles, building permit applications must be submitted to the local town hall. It is advisable to carry out the necessary formalities in person, as many documents must be submitted at the same time as the application. To apply for a building permit, you need to fill in Cerfa form no. 13406*01 or no. 13409*01. The chosen and completed document must be submitted in an envelope, together with a file describing the land and the future building:

  • ground plan ;
  • sectional drawing of site and building ;
  • ground plan of the building concerned ;
  • site plan.

The necessary documents should be checked with the town hall or on its website, as they may change according to changes in the town's PLU. For your information, a building permit can be obtained within 2 to 3 months of submission. Applications submitted using the Cerfa n° 13409*01 form take longer to process.

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The company

Are you planning to build or renovate a property? Are you looking for a reliable company to carry out the work? Then you've come to the right place!

Established in the Bouches-du-Rhône region since 2007, EPC Travaux is a company specializing in the construction of single-family homes, as well as the renovation of houses and apartments. We work throughout the Bouches-du-Rhône and neighboring departments: Var, Alpes-Maritimes, Gard, Alpes de Haute Provence, etc.

Thanks to our young, dynamic team, we're committed to providing you with the best solutions, and we follow through every project step by step. Our company takes pride in the quality of its work and customer satisfaction.

Our services are aimed at individuals, professionals and investors who wish to benefit from professional expertise.

Your house is no larger than 150 m² and you've decided to draw up the construction plans for your villa or apartment yourself? You can do it, but there are a few steps to follow:


  1. The drawing of the construction plan for a villa in Vitrolles or an apartment begins with the measurement of the area. The values taken must be transferred to a scale of 1/100 or 1/75.
  2. Next, you need to start by tracing the facades and walls. This allows you to outline the future house on paper.
  3. The exterior walls are now well drawn. Now you can move on to representing all the rooms. Their location must be imagined in advance, so that you can quickly draw up the construction plan.
  4. Finally, you can add all the details for the layout of each room. Among other things, you can mark the various water points or the path for the electrical circuit.

In case of difficulty, we recommend hiring an architect to draw up a plan for your apartment or villa.

Building a Vitrolles apartment or villa is just like any other real estate project. You need to set aside an adequate budget. You also need to prepare a plot of land and a construction plan. Don't forget to apply for a building permit.


To make all this easier, you can call on a company specializing in apartment construction in Vitrolles. This way, you can be sure that the craftsmen hired are familiar with the local town planning regulations. They'll be sure to advise you if your project contains any non-compliant elements.


In addition to knowledge of urban planning, the company hired must have other qualities:


  • It must be known for its achievements. Generally speaking, it's a long-established company that has completed many projects in Vitrolles.
  • A qualified construction company is surrounded by experienced tradesmen.
  • It always provides detailed estimates. Its employees do not hesitate to give explanations to customers when necessary.
  • The company's work is completely legal, and it offers guarantees that the work will be carried out.

Before choosing an apartment construction company in Vitrolles, it's a good idea to do a little investigating. You should also ask for several quotes so you can compare them. The final choice should be based on the offers that offer the best value for money.

A house-building project in Vitrolles or elsewhere can present unforeseen circumstances. Delivery delays are to be expected due to bad weather. Accidents can happen during construction, and even afterwards. To avoid unforeseen expenses, it's important to check the guarantees offered by the construction company.


There are three main types. The first is the " garantie de parfait achèvement" (guarantee of perfect completion). This allows you to claim compensation or rectification in the event of serious construction problems occurring within a year of delivery.


The biennial warranty is also important, as it extends over two years. In other words, the home's equipment is covered during this period. The company in charge of the project must replace or repair any defects found.


The most important, and above all compulsory, ten-year warranty covers the house for 10 years. It covers all damage affecting the solidity of the construction during this period.


In addition to these guarantees, the project owner can also take out insurance such as multi-risk home insurance or construction damage insurance. The latter is also compulsory.

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